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Jury Duty


Please be advised that all persons entering the Spartanburg County Judicial Center must go through a metal detector.  You may wish to leave items such as knives, scissors, mace or pepper sprays, concealed weapons, or any sharp object that may be used as a weapon in your vehicle or at home.  We are notifying you as a courtesy to save you a trip back to your vehicle.  Cell phones and pagers brought into the judicial center must be either turned off or set to a non-audible ring.  You should be able to find a parking space in the parking lot behind the judicial center.  Please do not park in any reserved or numbered parking spaces.  Court starts promptly at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesdays.  You might want to arrive at the Judicial Center about 15 minutes early because there will probably be a line at the security desk.


Disqualifications, Exemptions and Excuses

for Juror Service


Disqualifications:  The Judge may determine that you are not allowed to serve as a juror if you have been convicted in a  State or Federal court of a crime punishable by more than one year imprisonment and your civil rights have not been restored by pardon or amnesty; or you are unable to read, write, speak or understand the English language; or if you are unable to render efficient jury service due to mental or physical infirmity (legal blindness will not by itself disqualify you); or if you have less than a 6th grade education (or its equivalent).  Failure to state such disqualifying fact is punishable as contempt of court.  Additionally, no clerk or deputy clerk of court, constable, sheriff, probate judge, county commissioner, magistrate, county officer or any person employed within the walls of any courthouse is eligible as a juror.


Exemptions: You may choose to serve or not serve if your are over sixty-five years of age or if you were summoned within the past three calendar years as a circuit court juror, and you were present at all times required by the summons; or if you were summoned within the present calendar year as a magistrate court juror, and you were present at all times required by the summons.  The judge must approve your request for exemption, and if your request is approved, your obligation to serve, imposed by this summons, is over.


Excuses: You may ask to be excused from jury service by the presiding judge if you can show a good and sufficient reason by application filed with the court showing why you should not have to serve.  Typical reasons may include temporary or permanent physical disability or legal custody and the duty of care of a child under seven years of age.  Any person having custody and the duty of care of a child under seven will be excused by the judge if that person furnishes an affidavit to this court stating that he or she is unable to provide adequate care while performing jury duty.


You must still appear at the location designated on your juror summons on the date and at the time indicated unless the court advises you otherwise.


Pay Vouchers


Jurors are paid $15.00 per day for service in the magistrate court.  You will be paid if you are present and able to serve even though you are not chosen for service on a particular jury.  At the end of the jury term, you will be given a pay voucher which can be taken to the county treasurer's office for redemption.  The treasurer's office is located in the Spartanburg County Administration Building at 366 N. Church Street, Spartanburg, SC.


Vouchers for Work


When the juror roll is taken on the first morning of your service, you will be asked to respond with "voucher" instead of "here" if you desire a voucher which you can take to your employer to verify your juror service to this court and the amount of your compensation.  This voucher will then be furnished to you along with your pay voucher at the conclusion of your juror service.